Bird Feeder Projects

Pine Cone Bird Feeder

2 to 4 pine cones Peanut butterBird seedString Plastic knifeSmall bowl Take a plastic knife and spread peanut butter all over the pine cone. Roll covered pine in bird seed. Tie the […]

Bird Feeder at Home

A fun craft for kids or adults alike it a homemade bird feeder. Birds can be a joy to watch, and can be very useful in your yard, helping to control the […]

Homemade Bird Feeder

There are a lot of reasons someone would want to make a homemade bird feeder. The most obvious is to encourage birds to frequent their yard. Home made bird feeders can be […]

Homemade Bird Feeder

1 can of biscuitsBird foodYarn Lay out the biscuits, Cut a circle in the middle of the bisquits. get the bird food and put it all over the biscuits. Bake on 350 […]

Washer Wind Chime

While adults may not think that this wind chime sounds very pretty, kids will love it. You will need a container of some kind, like an empty margarine tub, some yarn, some […]

Gourd Bird Feeder

Making bird crafts is simple as long as you have the imagination and creativity that it takes to see how something old can become something new. You most likely already have all […]

Paper Towel Roll Bird Feeder

Put glue on the outside of paper towel roll. You can use sponges or paint brushes to evenly coat the whole tube. Lay birdseed out on the table and roll the paper […]

Cereal Bird Feeder

Entertaining toddlers and young children can really be a chore. Their short attention spans and limited abilities some times make it difficult to come up with a variety of activities that will […]

Polymer Clay Birdbath

Creating polymer clay crafts are a fun way to spend your spare time. You can use polymer clay for a number of things such as: necklaces, bracelets, picture frames, and more! Here […]

Pinecone Birdfeeder

Here is how to make a bird feeder with a pinecone. Bird feeders are great for the wild life, and also for decorating your home. They are also very simple to create. […]

Making Birdhouses Out of Gourds

If you want an easy fun craft that can be a good safe home for birds and other wildlife, then you have came to the right place. We will go over what […]

Birdhouse Gourd

•Start with a rather large gourd, at least 6 inches high not counting the stem. •Then make sure to soak and thoroughly clean the gourd by following the instructions above. Though, you […]

Crafts You Can Make Out of Gourds

Gourds have many great uses. They are versatile vegetables that have many uses in the craft world. They are in the same family as squashes and pumpkins, so their life span is […]

Bird Feeder

Same as pinecone feederjust use a empty toilet paper roll