Oatmeal Container Crafts

Oatmeal Canister Cookie Tin

The last example of an oatmeal container craft that is great for the whole family is to make cookies and to use the oatmeal container as a festive gift box to store […]

Hot Dog Roaster

Are you a member of a family that likes to go out and do things together? Do you camp a lot? If you do, this next craft is sure to not only […]

Cylindrical Holiday Decorations

Oatmeal container crafts provide a great opportunity for a family to do something together. Oatmeal container crafts can be easy enough for each person to make a craft on their own or […]

Quick And Easy Organization With An Oatmeal Box

Cover empty oatmeal canisters with brown paper or paper grocery bags and use them to send packages in the mail for an interesting and unique touch to a gift or other package. […]

Quick And Easy Instant Trash Can

You can use an empty oatmeal box to make a small waste basket to put in places around the house that need a more discreet place to dispose of things. And when […]

Quick And Easy Kitchen Storage

Oatmeal container crafts come in so many varieties and twists that allow you to be creative and have lots of fun making them. Their unique shape and variety of sizes allow for […]

Oatmeal Container Bug House

If your ambition is not quite there for making a lamp out of an oatmeal box you can try this more kid-friendly, yet still original oatmeal container craft idea: Oatmeal container bug […]

Oatmeal Container Lamp

When you think of oatmeal container crafts, a few things probably come to mind. Perhaps you remember making an oatmeal container drum in elementary school. Or maybe when you were a little […]

A Unique Gift Box

Oatmeal containers are ideal for wrapping those more awkward items that you may not be able to find an appropriate box for. You can decorate the container to look like a gift […]

Gift For Mom’s Kitchen

Are you one of those people who just can’t stand to throw something away if you think it might be useful again? Or maybe you are creative and like to make crafts […]


An oatmeal container craft that is sure to please kids at a party is a piñata. Piñatas are usually made out of paper mâche and hold candies and other surprises inside. The […]


Windsocks are fun to watch blowing in the wind. You can make your own windsock with an old oatmeal container, some string and streamers or ribbons. The process is simple. Remove the […]

Time Capsule

If you want a fun activity to do with your kids, create a time capsule out of an old oatmeal container. The process is very simple. Decorate the outside of the container […]

Oatmeal Container Squared

Old oatmeal containers are generally very sturdy and can take some pretty hard abuse before they really need to be thrown away. So why not re-use the container as a container. There […]